Men's Watches


Men's Watches

Check out the collection that is here to drill your mind. These men’s branded watches are robust, quirky and classic to unleash the best of traits of manhood. With some luxurious designs and high brand tag attached, you do not want to miss these cheap designer watches to bring a smile on your man’s face.

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  • Casio

    A classic collection of Casio watches is here to impress many souls. A perfect gift to charm your man with a Casio watch is an ideal gift without a doubt. Let your man wear an exemplary affair that gets best noticed with these watches. Available in multiple colors and dials, these men's casio watches make the most definitive impression. Grab these Casio watches in gold, silver and black metallic straps to some leather straps with a digital analog watch.

  • Seiko

    Seiko men’s watches are an expensive affair of luxury and class that enhances the glory of your man. A watch means to make  a perfectionist impression and Seiko 5 automatic watches do it to its best. With multiple coloured dials and gold or silver metal strap. A watch from a brand like Seiko mark the most alluring impression and adds the touch of class to your personality. Bring cheers with this adorable gift from Give and Take and let your man conquer the world for you.

  • Sekonda

    Sekonda Men’s watches are an ultimate collection to simply fall in love. These styles are created keeping in mind the men on the go and unleash the best of patterns with leather and metallic straps. Available in various designs and patterns, these Sekonda divers watches and waterproof watches offer an ultimate touch of perfection with its expensive style. Check out our collection of Sekonda Gents Chronograph Watches today.

  • Limit

    Limit Mens watches are an addition of high luxury in your watch collection. Splendid and robust in features, these watches represent a style that engages the ultimate attention and mark a remarking look to your men’s watch collection. Give and take has quite a striking collection of limited Men’s watches that adds perfection to the personality.

  • Henley

    Henley men’s watches are a surprise in a note of elegance and class. Make a remarkable impression among your friends by flaunting this watch from Henley that is comfortable to wear and amazingly durable. These Henley gents watches feature a metallic strap with a bling affair. Gift it your man and raise the ultimate toast of love with this classy watch.

  • Crosshatch

    Crosshatch men’s watches will give you style, quirk and above all a sturdy look. A perfect watch that triggers your sturdy side with this amazing watch from Crosshatch. It defines a man with its robustness and make an impression of ultimate style. These watches are available in multiple colours with a metallic strap or a leather strap to complement. A light in weight watch for a comfortable wear is a must buy from Give & Take.

  • Slazenger

    Slazenger watches are an epitome of sporty and robust traits of a man. The watches are perfectly designed to cater the ultimate style quotient for a man who is always on the go. Available in black and blue, these watches make a stand for itself and enhance your look in no time. A gear to analyze your sporty side with this affordable Slazenger watch. 

  • Ravel

    Astonishing Mens Ravel watches available in variuos designs and perfect for all ages.

  • Reflex

    If you have an eye to impress the world, then Reflex day and date watches surely proves out to meet the right chords. It features a genuine leather strap that goes a long way and the dial are as alluring to get your heart. These are classic timeless pieces that are eternal with its demand and your man will love it with its simple yet super classy design.

  • Pocket Watches

    Pocket watches are an addition that unapologetically decisive about your style and class. These Traditional Ravel Pocket Watchs and Boxx pocket watches from Give and Take calls for an amazing affair that is an epitome of ultimate elegance. But these men's pocket watches in silver or gold and let time do the talking. With a wide range of collection you get your hands on the best pieces and define the love you share.

  • Sports Watches

    Explore our wide range of sports watches 

  • London Watches

    I love London and Union jack watches is a collection to bend your mind with the love for London. These analogue quartz comes with many logos I love London, London Heart and Union Jack. These watches are a perfection for everyone who would like to take a souvenir after visiting London back home. These are just a quirky timepiece to enhance your love for colours and style.

  • Softtech

    Treat yourself to our range of SOFTTECH modern watches, Fancy & Stylish

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Showing 1 - 12 of 312 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 312 items